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Focus On Truth Information

  Focus On Truth is a contemporary Christian talk show which prayerfully attempts to answer today's social and spiritual questions through discussion and Bible study. 

    Originally produced in 1986, as a cable television program in cooperation with twelve New York area Churches of Christ, Focus On Truth was cablecast on every New York Metropolitan Public Access Network as well as the Telicare Catholic channel until 1998.  Currently, Focus On Truth can be seen in New York City and parts of Brooklyn on Manhattan Neighborhood Network's channel 57 and 58 every Friday at 11:00 am. 

    With almost 500 programs in our video library, Focus On Truth offers its internet viewers two types of programs: Discussion and Interviews.  Included are four series formats: Bible Teaching, Problems of Sins, Inspirational Programs and Relationships.

    Many of Focus On Truth's hosts and guests are fulltime ministers, some, with advanced degrees in Bible or Pastoral counseling.  Viewers who contact Focus On Truth or the Churches of Christ affiliated with this ministry, may request our free offer for counseling or Bible study. 

    Previewed for commercial broadcast in Russia and England, Focus On Truth was highlighted in the Christian Chronicle.  Nationally, Focus On Truth was shown in business, community, and Catholic colleges, as well as drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, closed circuit TV in hospitals, employee workshops in industry and offered to Armed Forces Television. 

    To meet the spiritual needs of New Yorkers, Focus On Truth has responded by handing out hundreds of free Bibles in many downtown areas.  For several years, Focus On Truth programs copied to VHS, were handed out to visitors at the Timothy Hill Children's Ranch in Riverhead, Long Island.  Currently Internet Viewers of Focus On Truth can receive copies of most programs on DVD.

    It is our prayer that Focus On Truth is a blessing to you and your family.

Louis Boccio Jr, Producer.


Copyright 2001